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This diversity has never been more apparent than at Road to the Horse 2018. With Wilson mounted in her English saddle, Dowers in his Western saddle, and James in his Australian saddle, all three Road to the Horse 2018 competitors displayed remarkable horsemanship, staying true to their roots and true to the horse. All different, but all undeniably successful. 

“When the greats of colt starting lay it on the line, any thought that you think you can predict the outcome should be thrown out the window! And so, it was on that given Sunday in Lexington, Kentucky” states Road to the Horse Founder/Producer Tootie Bland. “The only thing anyone can predict about Road to the Horse is that it is unpredictable until the last second!”

Competitors: Vicki Wilson. Nick Dowers. Dan James. 

3 Disc Set 


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