Road to the Horse Goes Back to the Ranch in 2020 June 19 2019

Road to the Horse 2020’s Back to the Ranch theme is a celebration of the timeless values of the Western lifestyle that include authenticity, courage, humbleness, chivalry, and a relentless can-do Western spirit. Our final Road to the Horse 2020 competitor, Ken McNabb, amplifies those characteristics with his strong ranching roots and lifelong dedication to the horse. Ken McNabb will complete the main competitor line up for Road to the Horse 2020 joining Craig Cameron and Wade Black, as they compete for the title on March 19-22, in Lexington, Kentucky.

Ken is no stranger to Road to the Horse competition, having competed in 2008 and 2010, when the event was previously held in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  Although Ken McNabb is a veteran Road to the Horse competitor, it will be his first time to compete in 10 years and his first time to compete in the Bluegrass State under the bright lights of the Alltech Arena. Tickets are available at 

Road to the Horse Pays Tribute to the Wild Wild West in 2019 May 04 2018

Images of the horse, the cowboy, and the Native American are strongly ingrained in the vibrant history of the West. Collectively, the characters of the Wild West had one thing in common; it was their undeniable passion and partnership for and with the horse.

Now, fans of Road to the Horse can look forward to a thrilling tribute to our nation’s Wild West culture in the 2019 edition.All who encountered the horse longed for a stronger relationship with the noble creature. As horsemanship spread from town to town and tribe to tribe, the horse continued to change the course of history. The worldwide fascination and love for the horse as a partner and friend has not yielded and Road to the Horse remains dedicated to making the world a better place for the horse by inspiring a new generation of horseman and horsewomen.

Fans are continually drawn to Road to the Horse, not only for the spectacle but for their relentless quest to serve the horse by developing a deeper understanding. The same cause drives the Road to the Horse crew to not just craft an exciting and educational event, but to create a production that captivates and carries the soul of the horse and horseman relationship.

“Without the horse there would be no cowboy, nor would the Native American have thrived” states Road to the Horse Founder and Producer Tootie Bland. “This quote from the Arapaho tribe says it all for me this year ‘When we show our respect for other living things, they respond with respect for us.’”

Road to the Horse 2019 tickets are available online at or by calling 800-514-3849. For sponsorship information, please contact Tammy Sronce at or call 940-850-6512.

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The Release of the Road to the Horse 2018 Remuda from the 6666 Ranch November 17 2017

Thunderstruck. Every Road to the Horse fan knows that’s the song that scoots you to the edge of your seat. That song means the Road to the Horse Remuda is about to run into the Alltech Arena for the very first time. It’s one of the biggest highlights at every Road to the Horse event. It’s goosebumps time, it’s the tears welling up in your eyes time, it’s the time you realize that your entire lifetime of chasing your passion for the horse, was the right thing to do. Seeing the magnificent 6666 Ranch colts charge into the Alltech Arena will forever stay etched in your heart. Generations of the best American Quarter Horse bloodlines all come down to this moment.

True to their dedication to breeding the very best American Quarter Horses, the 6666 Ranch has compiled a selection of their finest for Road to the Horse 2018. One by one, the colts will be showcased to Road to the Horse fans launching in November, 2017.

Set for stardom, these colts will take one giant leap on a Road to the Horse journey that will change the course of the rest of their lives. Decades of history, champions and legends are all exemplified in this one solitary Remuda.

The sires of the Road to the Horse 2018 Remuda from the 6666 Ranch are:
• Boon San
• Playboys Buck Fever
• Rockin W
• Tuf Four
• WR This Cats Smart

The Road to the Horse 2018 Remuda from the 6666 Ranch will be presented for sale to the public during Road to the Horse 2018. For information visit the 6666 Ranch booth on the main concourse at Road to the Horse 2018.

All past World Champions, the Road to the Horse 2018 international competitor lineup is spectacular. Our lady competitor, from the beautiful islands of New Zealand, is international showjumper and defending Road to the Horse 2017 World Champion, Vicki Wilson. Representing our neighbors from north the border, Canadian Jim Anderson is both a Road to the Horse World Champion and our Wildcard Champion from 2014. Downunder horseman and Road to the Horse 2012 World Champion Dan James will return to the Road to the Horse round pen for the first time since 2013. Red, white, and blue, American-made Nick Dowers is both a NRCHA Snaffle Bit Open Futurity and Road to the Horse World Champion. Fans watched Nick Dowers claim his World Championship of Colt Starting title in 2016. All past World Champions who have captured one Road to the Horse World Championship buckle, all looking for their second.

Learn more about Road to the Horse at Road to the Horse 2018 tickets are available online at or by calling 877-772-5425. For sponsorship opportunities at Road to the Horse 2018, contact Tammy Sronce at 940-859-6512 or email Follow Road to the Horse on Facebook for the latest information.

Gritty Kiwi Cowgirl Vicki Wilson Set to Defend her Title in 2018 June 26 2017

Vicki heard you.  Tootie heard you.  The whole world heard you.  Fans didn’t just whisper, they shouted for the return of Vicki Wilson at Road to the Horse 2018, and the gritty Kiwi cowgirl answered!  Famed show jumper, Vicki Wilson, took over the Road to the Horse Facebook page to let everyone know, she’s coming back on a viral Facebook LIVE video. Her passion burns strong and her ‘broken wing’ will be healed, as she plans to defend her World Championship of Colt Starting title, she so valiantly earned in 2017.

“I’m incredibly excited to be joining Road to the Horse 2018 and I can’t wait to come back to share my knowledge, do more clinics and educate people in America and around the world, I think there’s bigger and better things to come” stated the international showjumper Vicki Wilson.

The search for a horsewoman like Vicki Wilson had spanned over a decade. The dream of blending the English and Western disciplines had been a lifelong mission of Road to the Horse Owner/Producer Tootie Bland, a pioneer who is constantly driven to smash the preconceived boundaries of horsemanship. This gutsy visionary was on a quest to bring unique talent to Road to the Horse and the delivery was embraced by hungry fans.

From the very beginning, there was no denying this cowgirl was different, but fans embraced her English riding roots and new training concepts which clearly demonstrated her unyielding love for the horse. Wilson began as an unknown to most on the American landscape, but fans quickly fell in love with the Kiwi, after she portrayed unbelievable strength, to not only carry on at Road to the Horse 2017 with a dislocated shoulder, but to walk away with the coveted title.

“This is the dawn of a new paradigm, the evolution of a new way of thinking” stated Road to the Horse Owner/Producer Tootie Bland. “Fans have never witnessed anything like Vicki Wilson and she’s ready to return and defend her title. Plans are already underway for the biggest celebration in Road to the Horse history, as we commemorate our fifteenth anniversary in 2018.”

New Zealand Jumper Takes the World Title at RTTH 2017 May 02 2017

Road to the Horse 2017 was created in dedication of the cowgirl. “We may have started out to celebrate the cowgirl but what we created was the most inspirational and most exciting Road to the Horse fans have ever seen” stated Road to the Horse Owner/Producer Tootie Bland.

In the closest scoring competition in the history of the event, less than approximately 8 points per judge separated each competitor. There was no mistaking, Vicki Wilson was different but there wasn’t any doubting her horsemanship. Wilson was not only the first competitor from New Zealand, she was the first competitor from an English discipline to not only compete but to walk away with the coveted World Championship of Colt Starting title.

“This isn’t about being a cowgirl anymore, it’s all about horsemanship” stated the first lady of Road to the Horse, Stacy Westfall, as the competition moved into the final round on Day 3.

Wilson’s Road to the Horse journey was far from scripted. After dislocating her left shoulder during Round 1, many fans were unsure if she could even continue but she didn’t just continue, she shined. Wilson may have had to alter her strategy with her 6666 Ranch bred colt Boon River Lad, who she fondly named ‘Kentucky’, but she continued with the grace and grit of a champion. This cowgirl may have had a broken wing, but she certainly showed ‘Kentucky’ how to fly.

“My shoulder is sore but when you walk out there, the atmosphere, the people, everything about it, you don’t even think about it. He didn’t quit and I didn’t quit, that’s what being a cowgirl is all about. I believe our job as riders and trainers around the world is to inspire the next generation, to get kids to believe that anything is possible in this life and if we want something bad enough, you have to work hard and be prepared to sacrifice and chase those dreams” Wilson stated as she admired her Gist Silversmith Championship buckle. “Never stop chasing dreams.”

Rachelle Valentine selected the 6666 Ranch horse gelding Playin A Seven, this playful grey gelding soon became a fan favorite. Sarah Dawson selected Smart Hunt and California cutting horse trainer Kate Neubert claimed the prestigious Jack Brainard Horsemanship Award riding Sixes Captain.

It’s almost a tradition that the winner of Road to the Horse chooses to purchase their colt to continue their training, Wilson didn’t break tradition.

“Yes, ‘Kentucky’ is coming back to New Zealand. It’s a bit of a trip for him, but he deserves it. He will become a new demo and clinic pony, he loves his jumping, so that is something we will develop. He is going to be a pretty cool kid.”

Media photos are available from Road to the Horse 2017, please email for details.

Horse Stays First Priority at Road to the Horse 2016 March 29 2016

“It’s an honor. I am so proud of my horsemanship, to win an event like the NRCHA Futurity, then to win Road to the Horse and tie the two together, that’s just huge” stated the emotional Dowers right after his win. When asked what helped him take the title, the answer was easy for Dowers, “Being myself and staying true to what I do.” Equaled in class and charisma, the 6666 ranch colt Seven Attraction carried Dowers to his first World Championship of Colt Starting title.

Winters won Round One displaying outstanding horsemanship and incurred no penalties. Although it was not a popular choice, Anderson did incur a score and time penalty after a Violation of a Rest Period for his colt. This resulted in both a penalty to Anderson’s score in Round Two and a reduced working time in Round Three. Road to the Horse has always placed, and always will place the horse as first priority.

Dowers’ captivating personality and inspiring training philosophies captured the hearts of every horse lover in the stadium. Seven Attraction seemed to collect as many fans along the road as Dowers. This outstanding, intelligent and athletic sorrel colt had something special, the same something special fans saw in Dowers. If fans didn’t know who Nick Dowers was before, they certainly know now.

Not only did Dowers walk away with the World Championship, he was also awarded the Jack Brainard Horsemanship Award. Awarded and presented by Jack Brainard, this award goes to the horseman or horsewoman that excels in their power of observation to correctly analyze the best approach and then apply that method as smoothly as possible for the horse’s best interest.

Brand new in 2016, fans of Road to the Horse also enjoyed a LIVE broadcast by as well as a LIVE play by play radio coverage by Replays are available on both platforms.

In true Road to the Horse style, Road to the Horse Owner/Producer Tootie Bland surprised the crowd by announcing two competitors for Road to the Horse 2017. Both Sarah Dawson and Barbara Cox were named as competitors in a very special ladies only version of Road to the Horse which is scheduled for March 23-26, 2017.

Sarah Dawson, daughter of Road to the Horse 2009 World Champion Richard Winters will return to Road to the Horse in 2017. Dawson is a past competitor to Road to the Horse, having competed in 2013. A seasoned clinician and competitor, fans are excited to welcome Sarah back to the round pen.

Barbara Cox, wife of four time undefeated Road to the Horse World Champion Chris Cox, will enter the Road to the Horse round pen for the very first time in 2017.

Tickets on sale now. Click here.