Kate Neubert to enter the Round Pen at Road to the Horse 2017

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Being a cowgirl isn’t about what you do or where you live, it’s about spirit, but growing up in the right family certainly helps. For her entire life, daughter of renowned horseman and clinician Bryan Neubert, has chased her passion for the horse. This pursuit has now led Kate Neubert into the fourth round pen at Road to the Horse in the race for the 2017 World Championship of Colt Starting.

“In the inner circles of colt starting the name Neubert rings loud and clear for innovation, tradition and excellence” states Road to the Horse Owner/Producer, Tootie Bland. “Ms Kate is the second generation of a family legacy that has quietly and diligently built a better foundation from the inside out in the horse industry. Still water runs deep in this cowgirl and if you didn’t know this extraordinary horsewoman before, you will not soon forget Kate Neubert when the discussion turns to the best horsewomen of our decade.” Learn more about Kate Neubert here